Friday, May 03, 2013

I'm comfortable with evil

I was in a meeting with a client when it was announced that one of the Boston bombers was dead and the manhunt had begun for the brother.

My client said "I hope they catch him alive so they can figure out why he did it".

Later that day, the president came out with the quote that the victim's "deserve answers".

Actually, Mr. President, the victims "deserve" to be able to go to freakin' marathon without fear of being blown to smithereens.

As I told my client, we have a problem in this country by trying to compartmentalize evil into the rational world. You can't.

Here's some other things you can't do with evil. You can't hug it into compliance. You can't negotiate with it. You can't pretend it doesn't exist. You can't have rational discussions with evil.

Evil is Evil.

The problem with so much liberal thought is that 1) they can't even recognize evil. And if they do, they can't distinguish a Boston bomber from George Bush or a tea partier. 2) They believe that inanimate objects, like guns are evil. They're not. 3) they think there's some magical social formula that can explain how a couple of young guys can have no problem setting a back pack full of explosives next to an eight year old.

You know how to confront evil? You confront it until death; yours or theirs. It really is that simple.

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