Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Once upon a time this used to be news

You may have seen this photo in the past six months. Unfortunately, if your news consists of the NY Times and/or the Washington Post, chances are you haven't seen it at all.

Meet Chris Stevens. He was the US ambassador to Libya, when a group of terrorist attacked and killed him.

Ambassadors used to be a big deal. But according to the Washington Post and the NY Times, Stevens here is simply political chum........ the after birth of a political squabble.

It also used to be that media types would ask salient questions of the administration like "It's been 8 months since this guy was assassinated, who the hell is responsible".

Seriously, if you ever wanted proof that the media was biased, no check that, in the tank for all things liberal this story is it. It's like Tass covering this story during the Andropov administration.

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