Thursday, May 09, 2013

What difference does it make?

Do recognize the following names?

John Mein?
Cleo Noel Jr.?
Rodger Davies?
Francis Melroy?
Adolph Dubs?

These are the five ambassadors assassinated over seas prior to the assassination of Christopher Stevens? Now we have six.

I'm still just appalled that the mainstream media thinks this is a non story. That it's just a political play by those pesky republicans.

Let's address the issues.

Why would the state department allow one of their own to be in area with a security detail about the size of the Canadian consolate?

Why anyone hold up any attempt at a rescue mission? For crying out loud they had the ability to float an armed drone over the area and a few missiles could have pushed back the assault.

Doesn't it seem odd that the only person in jail is a man who had nothing to do with the assault? Who issued the order to arrest that guy?

The media seems to have no problem with an administration who sacrificed an ambassador and seems to have little interest in bringing the responsible parties to justice.

For years, I had to hear the name Valerie Plame thrown around when it came to security lapses. Of course we now know that the Busies had nothing to do with her outing and no one ended up dead in the process.

The four guys who died that night and their families deserve better.

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