Wednesday, May 21, 2014


The Swiss shot down a minimum wage increase...........

Unions argued that the measure was necessary because of the high living costs in big Swiss cities such as Geneva and Zurich.

The unions are angry that Switzerland - one of the richest countries in the world - does not have a minimum pay level while neighbouring France and Germany do.

They argue that surviving on less than 4,000 francs a month is not possible because rents, health insurance and food are all prohibitively expensive.

The minimum wage in Germany will be 8.5 euros an hour from 2017. 

I've got some questions about this passage.........

The Swiss have no minimum wage yet the standard of living is higher than France and Germany who do? Is that a coincidence?

The unions say that it's impossible to live on 4000 francs a month and yet I haven't seen a one article about abject poverty and homelessness in Switzerland. In fact, from my understanding, Geneva and Zurich are considered beautiful, clean cities without a tremendous amount of crime. So wouldn't the parks in these cities be filled with loads of homeless bums if this statement were accurate?

Maybe Germany and France should be following the Swiss's lead and not vice versa.


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