Tuesday, May 20, 2014

who did she vote for? #910

Meet Danielle Shea.

Why is Dani in the news?

A drop-out from Quinnipiac University called in bomb threats to the school to try to cancel a graduation ceremony her family expected her to participate in.

According to NBC Connecticut, Danielle Shea, 22, dropped out of school but still collected tuition money from her family. They were at the school to see Shea, who had even bought her cap and gown, graduate.

Shea’s family didn’t see her name on the list of graduates, and she panicked, according to a police news release.

That’s when she called in the first bomb threat to Quinnipiac University Public Safety, saying there was a “bomb in the library,” according to police.

I bet ole Danny here has lots of opinions on politics. So who did she vote for in the last presidential election?

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