Wednesday, May 21, 2014

O better be careful

King Obama better be careful these next couple of months because he's about to be the one tossed under the bus for a change.


Consider this. He offers democrats nothing but a few campaign bucks for this coming election. Yet, there are no amount of campaign dollars that can compensate for the albatross he's hung on the democrats with his Obamacare and now the VA scandals.

If the democrats lose the Senate, who's going to take the heat? Hilary Clinton? Since the One has no ability to run for reelection, those who will be running for president are going to come out distancing themselves from this clown.

The media will also be complicit in featuring the contrasting styles with the new democratic nominees with the competence of the One.

Once the latest, EPA and Obamacare regs come out killing more jobs, there will be hell to pay.

Given how his administration has treated democratic members of congress and members of the media, he won't have a scintilla of political capital to use in his defense.

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

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