Thursday, May 22, 2014

Why don't McDonald's employees unionize?

Yesterday, a pack of thugs rushed some McDonald's stores in protest of minimum wage.

I've got a question for these thugs. If working conditions are so horrible there, why doesn't the SEIU set up a union in these shops?

I'll tell you why. They can't.

See, for the SEIU to unionize a McDonald's store they would have to have a number of employees with the longevity to organize the workers and they don't.


Because freakin' McDonalds is not a destination job. The average tenure of a McDonald's employee is probably less than six months.

Most come in, do their work, earn some skills, get paid, and move on to a more lucrative job. That's the way it works.

I worked at McDonald's as a kid. I started at 5 cents above minimum wage. After a month, I got a raise of 10 cents an hour. Within six weeks, I was promoted to crew leader and made another 10 cents an hour.

It was rough boy, All I did was show up to work on time, clean and ready to go.

Had I chosen to stay I probably would have made more money over time. Instead, I took a more lucrative job at a CPA firm making considerably more than what I could have ever made at McDonald's.

That's the way it works and anyone who doesn't get that really doesn't deserve more than minimum wage because they can't get the concept that they have to provide a service above and beyond their pay to their employer.

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