Thursday, May 22, 2014

Democrats for the little man my butt..........

At what point do we, as a public, finally come to terms that democrats couldn't give a rip about
working people.

Take energy policy. Here's a piece from the AP on the future hikes in electricity rates.

Electricity prices are probably on their way up across much of the US as coal-fired plants, the dominant source of cheap power, shut down in response to environmental regulations and economic forces.

New and tighter pollution rules and tough competition from cleaner sources such as natural gas, wind and solar will lead to the closings of dozens of coal-burning plants across 20 states over the next three years. And many of those that stay open will need expensive retrofits.

Because of these and other factors, the Energy Department predicts retail power prices will rise 4 percent on average this year, the biggest increase since 2008. By 2020, prices are expected to climb an additional 13 percent, a forecast that does not include the costs of coming environmental rules.

Now ask yourself the question. Who gets hit hardest by these energy rate hikes?

1) George Soros
2) A mechnical engineer
3) a fixed income retiree

4) Lebron James.
5) An auto worker

But heating and cooling costs are just part of the economic hurt being inflicted upon our working folks. There's a residual impact of higher production costs for manufacturers.

It's here in the same article.........

As Indiana has reduced its reliance on coal to 84 percent from 97 percent over the last decade, its power prices rose far faster than those of its neighbors and the rest of the country.

That makes things tough on customers, especially big power users like Rochester Metal Products Corp., in Rochester, Indiana. The hulking furnaces it uses to melt scrap iron consume enough electricity to power 7,000 households.

“As Indiana’s price of electricity becomes less and less competitive, so do we,” says Doug Smith, the company’s maintenance and engineering manager.

That same principle applies not just between states but between countries. If our production costs go up, that simply means that production get shifted to countries who provide cheaper labor and cheaper energy costs.

Now ask yourself who that hurts more.

1) The Koch Brothers
2) A mechanical engineer
3) A fixed income retiree
4) Kobe Bryant
5) an auto worker

So welcome the next time you drive through Gary, Indiana and see all those mothballed steel plants along the lakefront that used to provide nice jobs to working folks, you can thank the Obamunists.

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