Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Enough Letterman

I'm old enough to remember watching David Letterman when he had an afternoon show.

I always thought the show was funny with Larry "Bud" Mellman, The guy under the stage, Mrs. Marv, My dog Bob. It was a throwback to the Paul Dixon days (again for those of you old enough to remember him).

I don't watch Letterman at all anymore. First, I'm rarely up that late. Second, Jimmy Kimmel's show is actually funny. Third, Letterman has gone from emulating the Paul Dixon's of talk shows to the Smothers Brothers and Dick Cavett (again , I'm showing my age) genres.

I did happen to catch the Letterman slam on Palin. The thing that amazed me most was how many people wrote and commented on that joke before Letterman actually let it rip on his show. Letterman can qualify his remarks with some lame apologies but the remark says a lot more about him than Palin.

With that said, conservatives looking to have him fired sound like babies. In my mind, we have the obligation to call him out as an idiot and then not watch him anymore.

Trust me, if David Letterman has no audience, he'll go away and his lazy attempts at ripping a teenager, not in the national debate, will as well.

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Gen. Sir Charles Napier said...

You may be mistaking the part for the whole here. Those calling on CBS to fire Letterman are a subset of those who were upset by the Palin joke.

For those upset by it, there are many different responses one could take; the most common of which, I think, is doing nothing. I agree with you that they do come off as crybabies but I think they're a small vocal minority. This is probably why they're highlighted in news stories.

However, I think the letter writing campaign to the advertisers of the show is both ethical and effective.