Sunday, January 16, 2011


I've been pretty good this year living up to not watching the NFL. I refuse to be a part of any business model where a scumbag, extortioning, pile of crap, d-bag like Mike Brown can make money off of me watching the game........... even when I'm watching the Bears.

But I broke down today and watched the Bears throttle Seattle setting up a classic showdown with the Packers next week.

Then I finished off the day watching the Patriots and Jets go at it. Unfortunately, I was rooting for an ebola virus to break out in the johns in the hope that it waste both teams and their fans. That didn't happen but option #2 did happen. Tom Brady will have to go back to one of his knocked up super models after the Jets put it to them.

Now if the Jets can just get that ebola outbreak at their training facility this week, I'll be happy.

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