Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Double Standard?

By now, you've probably heard about the outrageous comments from NY School Superintendent, Cathie Black, saying that one of the solutions to the overcrowding in their schools is birth control.

But I hadn't heard about this comment until this morning..........

Less than two weeks into her new gig, Schools Chancellor Cathie Black has reportedly riled parents and public officials by cracking some jokes last week during a meeting at state Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver's office. When a public-school dad voiced concern about the "huge shortages" of classroom space in lower Manhattan that could be coming, Black remarked: "Could we just have some birth control for a while? It could really help us all out a lot."

Ha! That one makes us like her a little. The act, however, didn't stop there:

The public-service novice, who has spent her entire career in media and publishing, also dropped jaws at the meeting by likening her task of satisfying space-crunch concerns in every neighborhood to making "many Sophie's Choices" — a reference to the book in which a mother in the Auschwitz death camp is forced to decide which of her two children will live.

"Everybody's face fell. You don't want to hear that reference when you're talking about children," said Tricia Joyce, whose kids attend the perennially overcrowded PS 234 in TriBeCa.

Are you serious? I hear one conservative say the word "macaca" and you would have thought the world was ending.

Yet nary a word in the press. Maybe she should have used the words "blood libel" to really get a response.



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