Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Who did she vote for? #8181

Meet Megin Gray. Why is Megin in the news..............

A 26-year-old mother woke up Tuesday after sleeping for 12 hours and found her 9-month-old daughter lying on the floor badly burned. Megin Gray rushed the infant to the hospital but it was too late. Police say Gray had taken Xanax, Percocet and drank alcohol before going to sleep about 11 p.m. Monday in the west Covington apartment where she lived with the infant, her three other children and another couple and their child.

Gray awoke about 11 a.m. and discovered the infant lying against a baseboard heater, said Kenton County Commonwealth’s Attorney Rob Sanders.

Police were called to the St. Elizabeth Covington emergency room about 11:30 a.m. after the baby was pronounced dead.

Now usually, I reserve these posts for garden variety derelicts and morons, who manage to find their way on some democratic constituency. This time I want to ask the question.

How much money would you wager that this ding dong was receiving welfare benefits?

Seriously, nearly all of my clients have instituted drug testing as part of their employee policies; usually to save on worker's comp premiums.

If nearly everyone who has a job must take some form of a drug test, why are we not forcing welfare recipients to take them as well.

Put another way. If Megin were your sister, would you allow her to live in your house sucking down percoset and booze all the while neglecting her children. Of course you wouldn't. But in the welfare world, testing for drugs is a no no and so is challenging someone's fitness to be a parent.

Now we have a dead child and soon to be three children with no mother. I'm betting that they wished she would have been tested.

And by the way, where's any of the daddy's?


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