Saturday, January 22, 2011

Duke Energy sucks

As a graduate of the University of Cincinnati Business school, I've always contended that what I need to know for my accounting degree and subsequent CPA designation I could have learned in one year of school not the four they required for the degree.

Nearly, everything important I learned at UC were things not taught in the classroom. Like how to get what you want/need within a government bureaucracy.

Or how to sweet talk some union protected asshole to help you with something that falls outside of their job description.

Those skills came in handy for my dilemma with Duke Energy this week.

As I detailed a couple of days ago, my office has been without electric for four days before I was able to track down someone who could actually help me out.

It finally came down to me tracking down the people who I knew were cooperative through the return calls on my cell phone.

As of yesterday, I was up and running. When the crew came out, the crew leader asked me "what took so long?".

So I guess all those exasperating dealings with the registrars office finally paid off.

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