Tuesday, January 18, 2011

This qualifies as news for ABC

From the "Are you kidding" me file.............
An adult entertainment waitress is up $60,000 after settling a lawsuit with her former strip club employers after, she says, they called her "old," teased her about Alzheimer's disease and menopause, and then fired her at age 56.

News flash to all aspiring strippers. Here are other reasons you can't get a job or may get fired.....

You're ugly.
You can't use a pole in a wheel chair.
You can't dance.
You're missing a limb and/or teeth.
You're obese
You're a guy

For the most part, strip clubs tend to be discriminating towards young, thin, women with rhythm and all their teeth and limbs.

But hey, if you can overcome those obstacles, maybe you can write the next screen play similar to the movie "Rudy" where an ugly, fat guy with one arm, overcomes the obstacles to become a Vegas showgirl.

Geez. This qualifies for news..........

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