Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Life in "Progress" City - Atlanta edition

From the city where there hasn't been a republican in town since Sherman burned it to the ground.......
One day after receiving notice that the Atlanta Public School's accreditation is in jeopardy, the Atlanta Board of Education is examining what it must do to regain its status.
One of the requirements to get accreditation restored, is that the school board meet with a licensed mediator.

At the heart of the decision to place the Atlanta Public Schools' accreditation on probation is the infighting between school board members, particularly concerning the issue of who should lead the board, and how they should make decisions.
Dr. Mark Elgart is CEO of the accrediting organization, AdvancED.

He says that disharmony was particularly evident on the day that GBI agents entered some high schools as part of an investigation into an alleged cheating scandal.

Producing morons to be our future politicians.


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rt. said...

Wow, AdvancED is threatening the Atlanta Schools, too? You may have heard about the goings on down here in Wake County, NC on the Colbert Show.

It all started with the constant redistricting (10-15 years worth) throwing family schedules into turmoil. All in the name of economic diversity (it's supposed to bring academic achievement up - riiiiiggght). The school system is county wide. It's a big county. A little snow in Wake Forest, guess what, kids in Holly Springs don't have school, either. 'Course they might be bussed up to Wake Forest. (Imagine the transportation budget when fuel hits $4.50/gal.) Oh, you want to be involved in your kids school? Make sure your tank is full. Neighborhood school districts make sense.
Anyway, there is a full assault by the Left flank. Last summer the superintendent resigned because he did not like the board moving to neighborhood schools. More on this later.
The NAACP started complaining. Dr. William Barber (aka The Buffet Slayer or something to that effect coined by a local radio station) has done just about everything except say the board wants to bring back slavery.
There is an 'investigation' starting which I think has something to do with girls athletic inequalities.
AdvancED is threatening to pull accreditation...and John Tedesco said, "Fine, there are other accreditation firms out there."
There was a bunch of bitching about MLK day being a snow day make up...I'm sure he'd be rolling in his grave if he knew the new 'dream' is a Nike shoe contract and 12 hours of Hoops on ESPN.
The lefties are pulling out all the stops with the extortion racket ala Jesse Jackson. So far the board is holding.

The board just hired a retired Brigadier General (conservative) for superintendent. They are really pissed about this. The wife of the mayor of Raleigh is on the school board (she is now in the minority). She is an outspoken critic of the new direction as is Hizzoner. Even the Democrat Guverner Bev Perdue criticizes the board.

The board majority and superintendent have a message of academic achievement instead of the diversity play. I hope they stick with it.

Oh and now former Rep. Bobby (who you?) Etheridge (D-NC) who lost his seat in November to Renee Elmers (TP-NC) got the local TV station to do a documentary on (mysterious) contributions to her campaign. Part of the district is in Wake county. Obviously, he is already running for his seat back. They are advertising it with the 'Who you?' tag line...which I find funny. But I bring up Bobby Etheridge because before congress, he was the state superintendent of schools. His congressional campaign touted the fact that he brought the state academic ranking from 49th to was really pathetic. But he is a good ole boy.

North Carolina is not where you want you kids to go to school.

Oh? my kids? Yeah, they're in Catholic school.