Saturday, March 21, 2009

Jean Schmidt should have her ass kicked

I used be a member of the same gym as Jean Schmidt.

My only regret in leaving the gym is that now I have to pay to go in there and blow her some crap for her vote on the 90% AIG tax......

Are you kidding me?

Within a week of going to the Cincinnati Tea Party, she goes to Washington and votes for this mockery of law?

Her quote from the Tea party

"I bet there's 5,000 people here and they're mad, just as I'm mad. They have a right to be mad at the unbridled spending that's happening in Washington,"

Actually Jean, I'm mad because we have a bunch of ding dongs, derelicts and douche bags in congress voting on what appeases the masses instead of voting like a normal, coherent thinking person. And your vote on this just confirmed that you are one of them.

As Marvin Lewis would say "I see better than I hear". I hear you say you are a fiscal hawk, yet I see you vote for a sales tax increase.

I hear you parade around as a fiscal conservative yet I see you seek to confiscate money from people who may or may not have have had anything to do with AIG's troubles.

Remember you voted for the 2nd TARP bill, that doesn't make you a conservative.

Me thinks you are just another in a long line of idiots to man the house of representatives. With this vote, you have just lowered yourself to life form of a senator.

I'm done with her and I don't care if a democrat takes her spot.

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Brian said...

Time to get on board with the LP.