Saturday, March 21, 2009

Why won't the media investigate?

As a follow up to the previous post, about six years ago, all I heard was the name Jack Abramoff and his associations with Tom Delay et al.

Where in the hell is CBS news when it comes to this democratic corruption.....

As we suffer through the worst economic crisis of our lifetimes, it seems that aside from constantly vilifying the banks, CEO’s, and “corporate greed,” President Barack Obama and most of the mainstream media that has fallen in love with him aren’t really interested in accountability or figuring out exactly how we now find ourselves in this untenable position.
Curious, to say the least.
For months, our new president has talked about the need for transparency and bipartisanship. Except on this subject, there is very little transparency. Coupled with that, you have major media outlets like NBC News, CBS News, ABC News, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Los Angeles Times -- all powerful organizations who pride themselves on their investigative abilities -- who basically refuse to have their reporters look into what role Democrats like Rep. Barney Frank, D-MA, president and former White House economics policy makers Larry Summers and Robert Rubin, and others played in the economic meltdown.
By way of evidence, one need look no further than Frank’s appearance on the March 16th edition of “The Today Show” on NBC where Meredith Vieira helped the Massachusetts Democrat bash AIG, while never once asking him about his role in blocking the needed reforms of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
To be sure, you will hear our new president and his supporters in the media blame former President George W. Bush, Republicans in general, and, of course, those evil bankers for a crisis that has wiped out trillions in savings and devastated the lives of millions of Americans.
As a conservative, I agree that the former president, a number of Republicans, and some bankers played a real role in this financial train wreck. It would be delusional not to say so. But, as an American, I find it very troubling that Obama, Democratic congressional leaders, and their allies in the media find no fault with Democrats. None. Not only is such conduct irresponsible, it’s dangerous.
Why is it that, with their budgets of millions of dollars, the big mainstream media outlets refuse to investigate this story? Is this not the biggest economic story in the history of these media outlets? Don’t they have an obligation as journalists to follow each and every fact to its natural conclusion? Isn’t that supposedly their only reason for being?

Here's the reason. It's hard. And since TV news is populated with attractive, blonde, bimbos, hard is just not going to get done by them.

And because hard takes more effort than ripping an AP piece off the wire, newspapers won't touch it.

But really how hard could it be. Just get some info on Chris Dodd's Irish "cottage". That should be enough.


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Anonymous said...

They don't investigate because they have an agenda. The media loooooooves democrats and the them, the end (keeping democrats in power) justifies the means (covering up democratic corruption).

This used to be easy when the republicans in power. Now the whole damn country is being run by dems. The economy is in terrible shape. Every additional day into the Obama presidency the "blame Bush" strategy rings hollower.

At some point the press is either got to make the dems accoutable for the mess or destroy the last shred of credibility to protect their chosen one.

In four years both parties will be in tatters and the news media will be a joke.