Saturday, March 21, 2009

Who did they vote for? Special White Collar Criminal Post

Last summer, Jill Miller Zimon and I exchanged "on the record" emails regarding my Who Will They Vote For pieces.

Allegedly, she wanted to profile a blog post on The Moderate Voice but I never saw a piece on there so I don't know what happened.

In any event, what struck me funny about our email exchange was this comment from her......

"So - while I love the premise of the question re: who will this person vote for, and I think it's a valid one applied to the people you select - knowing of course that you could throw in some white collar criminals who live in urban areas too, yes?"

Well, Jill, honey, this post is just for you.....

Who did they vote for?

Bernard Madoff

R. Allen Sanford

Hank Morris

Collectively, these guys stole upwards of about 100 billion dollars from various pensions and personal accounts.

But let's even go the extra mile. With Richard Holbrooke, Jamie Gorelick, Franklin Raines et al.

It's a regular Who's Who at an upper west side cocktail party.

So Jill. Who did they vote for?


Jill said...

Your guess is as good as mine, maybe better given how many of these posts you've written.

Just two things (which I emailed you about):

1. My name is Jill Miller Zimon, not Jill Zimon Miller.

2. I looked through that email exchange and all I could find was this:

"I'm probably going to like to the series"

Is that what you were thinking of (typo included!)?

Thanks and good luck as you continue this series. I think it's really good for blogging when we use them to do follow-up or monitoring kinds of things.

gordon gekko said...

1) My apologies on your name. I should have checked it. I did change it on the post.

2) In our email exchanges when you said you wanted our exchanges on the record and that you would edit them on my behalf I assumed there was going to be some sort of profile. I have no idea how I inferred The Moderate Voice in that exchange. Again my apologies.

3) Surely you know who these guys voted for. Given that they gave generously to democratic candidates and causes, they probably didn't pull the lever for McCain.

Jill said...

Btw, while you're naming white collar criminals, you might consider writing a post about John Thain. His FEC record has some good stuff in it, though it still falls short of how much he paid for his conference rooms to be redecorated.

Jill said...

Gordon - I know how to run a name through the FEC and SOS databases like anyone - but even Thain, who 95% of the time gave to the GOP, had some dough given to Schumer.

There are limits to the value of linking certain kinds of outward behavior to how we think people will vote. I was told a great story, off the record unfortunately for us, by an Ohio politician about an extremely moneyed Ohio donor who votes against his interest. I was glad to hear that in the end, that's how the person votes, but frankly, I'd swap the vote for the public face doing what's right.

And then again - you know - don't you just imagine some of these people don't vote at all? You know?

Again - I think it's a totally worthwhile catalogue to keep - it's very poignant, truly. But the main take-away for me is the role of self-interest for all these people, regardless of where they are on the ideological spectrum.

How do we get them to behave better? I just don't know.

Oh - and apologies accepted, thank you. Do you know, I can't believe I was even taking the time to have such conversations!! That was five days before my family and I left for Israel! What a ridiculously busy time that was - no doubt part of the reason I never did link to your series. My apologies to you for that.