Friday, March 20, 2009

Yet even more democratic corruption

It's a good thing we have the mainstream media covering all these.

Now it's Richard Holbrooke.........
Obama's special envoy Richard Holbrooke served on A.I.G.'s board when the company a) went "over a cliff," and b) approved the now-controversial bonuses. But he'll survive. It's not like he also got special loan deals from Countrywide as a "Friend of Angelo." .... Oh, wait! ... I don't want to know where Holbrooke was when Enron was going down. ... P.S.: Will the White House now have to force three perfectly well-qualified assistant secretaries to withdraw for triviial resume blemishes in order to make up for keeping Holbrooke on? ... [Can we say this is "strike three" if you count each Countrywide loan separately?--ed If you count each Countrywide loan separately it's strike six.] 4:33 A.M.

What would happen if the democratic party was the party of rich, well healed, Wall Street guys?


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Norma said...

I see he (kf) said the same thing I did, but I think I'm a better writer. I'm baffled why he thinks Daschle's lapses were so tiny, however.