Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Life in "Progress" City

While the "progressives" in the city are looking for a couple hundred million to blow on street cars, the city of Cincinnati continues to collapse into a crime cesspool.

Don't believe me. Just ask the judges.....
Three judges pleaded for help from City Council on Tuesday, saying the closing of the Queensgate jail in December has emboldened criminals, who now thumb their noses at the justice system.

Municipal Court Judges Heather Russell, Fanon Rucker and Bernie Bouchard took the unusual step of testifying before a council committee to stress how difficult their jobs have become since Hamilton County budget cuts closed the 800-bed Queensgate jail in December.

The bipartisan panel judges, representing the 14 judges on the court, told story after story of defendants they ordered jailed being released immediately.

Among those was a man jailed for domestic violence who got home from court even before the victim did.

Another, jailed by Rucker for assault, was out before the judge finished court that day. Incredibly, the man came back to court to ask the judge to consider a lighter sentence, said Rucker, a Democrat. Judges wouldn't name the defendants.

The releases, Rucker said, "shock the conscience."

Now where do you think these ding dongs are heading when they get out of jail?

They're going out to rape a woman in a city park in broad daylight as happened just this morning. What the hell is so "progressive" about that?

But the city would rather spend time, money, and resources trying to construct a trolley car throughout the city; completely forgetting that their city isn't worth living in because it's populated with rapists, murderers and other thugs.

This is life under democratic rule. You won't see a liberal defend city living on this blog because it so closely resembles life in any one of a hundred cities in this country. Each and every one governed by liberals.

To say it's disgusting is an understatement.

What's so "progressive" about criminals roaming the streets.


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