Thursday, May 07, 2009

So are you donating?

Yesterday, my letter to the editor was printed on The Enquirer's web site.

It was a follow up to my earlier posts here regarding school district levies.

This is a concept that most liberals cannot seem to get their arms around. There are ways to support things without tax dollars.

One of the commenters to my letter called out people who voted against levies as "selfish". But I'd be willing to bet that the thought of actually kicking in some money to her local school district is as foreign a concept to her as purple elephants.

Look, I'm not willing to call out anyone who doesn't vote for a levy as "selfish". We all have reasons for supporting or not supporting levies.

But it all doesn't start and/or stop with levies.

Just this week, I cut a check for $100 to the Lancaster High School Athletic Boosters. Why? I don't have kids in that school. I don't even live in that school district (although I do have four nieces and nephews in the district).

I did it because I want to give back to a school and program that gave me so much.

I'm not waiting for my neighbor to vote for a tax levy to send them money, I'm doing in on my own.

So here's the deal, if you talk about supporting schools and you refuse to donate money to the schools then you are no different than your "selfish" neighbor who didn't vote for a levy.

In fact, it's the height of hypocrisy.

Once again, if you vote for school levies because you want to "support the children", what's keeping you from going to the school's web site or calling a local principal and asking how you can help with a financial donation?

If you won't do that, you must be "selfish".

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