Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Islamic Republic of Ohio Part II

For the past couple of weeks, Midas and I have done several posts outlining the confiscation of freedoms by the state of Ohio.

No more gambling, checking out strippers, smoking, etc. within these borders. Late last week, Midas posted on the ban of trans fat from Ohio foods. On it's face, it seemed out right ridiculous.

But is it? Why shouldn't we ban trans fats? Why shouldn't we ban alcohol & cigarette sales altogether? Why shouldn't we make it illegal for people to not wear bike helmets in their cars along with their seat belts and air bags?

As soon as a democracy empowers a government to do anything, no matter how benevolent the intent, we empower a government to do anything for any reason; and it's governance increases at an exponential rate.

Gordon, that's ridiculous.

Is it?

People who call themselves conservatives, who bitch all the time about the role of government in their pocketbooks, are the first to line up when they want the government to ban a strip club or casino. But why shouldn't they? Someone has already stolen their liberty in the form of taxes. Why shouldn't they throw down the old "turn about is fair play" card?

But Gordon, money isn't liberty.

It isn't. let's play a game. I give you $10,000. Are you now more free or less?

The same works in converse.

I've never gotten that whole labeling of conservative on fiscal issues, liberal on social ones, thing.

In my mind, you either believe in freedom or you are a socialist. There really cannot be a middle ground. Once the state is able to seize your wealth to do for another, you have more than the right to demand they do something for you and that's exactly what you are seeing in the state of Ohio.

I don't like strippers so let's ban them. Well, I'll call that and raise you a minimum wage. Oh yeah, well take that public smokers. OK, well, I'm going to take that and call you on your pay day loan operation. Well, if your going to shut down my pay day loan operation I'm going to vote for a mandatory sick day policy. You want mandatory paid sick days. Well I want a trans fat ban so you won't be sick so often.

And all this....... occurring within the past year.

So Ohioans need to make a call. We are either a state of freedom or we'll be a socialist republic. In which case I'm heading the hell out of here along with all my rich, smoking, drinking, trans fat eating buddies.

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