Monday, October 29, 2007

Taxes for all, benefits for few.

In this fall's election, my community will be voting on a tax levy which will be used to fund a community center run by the YMCA.

As a libertarian, I'm obviously against using tax dollars for things the private sector can and does all the time. If the YMCA wants to run a rec center, put it up without a subsidy. So I'm with my neighbor, who put this sign up over the weekend.

But what caught my attention is the quote "Why tax all for a few?". Isn't that the essence of all taxes? We all kick in for programs that few actually use.

The guy that posted this sign (a democratic councilman no less) has no problems using tax dollars for things like libraries & schools. In fact, he was on the committee for the last school district levy. Schools that less than half the households in this community have kids in.

But Gordon, those things enhance an entire community not just the people who use them.

The same argument could be made for this rec center. At present, this community has no public pool. We could use an amenity like a public pool. So what gives?

So I agree with my democratic neighbor. From now on, the next time I see him I'll propose this slogan to him "Only tax all, when all benefit".

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Anonymous said...

The other thing is that this rec center will be built on public park land. What next a McDonald"s because some get hungry after working out.VOTE NO