Monday, January 07, 2008


The Bullshit Championship Series will end tonight with a game between OSU & LSU.

If you've been around me enough, you've heard my theory on sports. If you have to judge it, it's not a sport. That effectively wipes out figure skating, diving and, in my mind, boxing unless a knockout is the final outcome.

Well, a friend of mine called me out on my theory a couple of weeks ago. "What about college football?"

Ouch, he's right. What other sport decides a championship, not on the field, but by a bunch of journalists and coaches who "judge" the "best" teams in the sport. It's patently ridiculous.

So tonight we'll at least be treated to a title game between the two best teams in the nation, Georgia and USC. No? it will be a game between OSU and LSU.

In my mind, everything says LSU except the fact that they've struggled to beat to many teams this year. They will be at home (Louisiana) and have played a much tougher schedule to be in the game.

For OSU, LSU is no MAC school, for that matter they're not a Big -11 school either. They also won't be playing this game in the horseshoe. OSU is 0-8 against the SEC in bowl games (the only time they would ever play an SEC team). The fact is, OSU hasn't been tested all year by a real team but they will be tonight.

Despite all that, I'm picking the Buckeyes. I think Tressel's a smart guy and won't make the same mistakes this year that he did last. Regardless, after the demolition USC put on Illinois and Georgia on Hawaii, they should both put their names on that trophy after the game.

After all, it's just a judgment call.

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GO BUCKS!!!!!!