Saturday, January 12, 2008

Why won't liberals use science to govern?

I get that liberals are smart, all you need to do is ask one and they'll tell you it's so.

In fact, liberals are so smart, a "progressive" in DC knows just the program to help my situation here in Redville, Ohio.

The one thing I don't get... If liberals/"progressives" are so smart why won't they use science when they come up with all these "progressive" ideas.

But Gordon, they do use science, they are using the science of global warming to legislate curly light bulbs, smaller toilet tanks, CAFE standards, etc.

Good point, but let's look at the scientific method once again.

Hypothesis, Theory, Law

Liberals love to claim global warming as a theory but they lack one huge piece of information to become scientific law, namely the ability to predict future results based on the theory.

So while liberals are out in force governing based on a theory, they totally ignore other scientific law such as

1) Law of Supply/Demand
2) Law of Diminishing Returns
3) Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility

Sure, "progressives" govern using a cost/benefit analysis, but only from their side of the equation.... "we think taking money from "A" to pay for "B's" medical insurance provides a bigger benefit than cost". That's because it "costs" liberals nothing.

They never want to look at it from the perspective of all the parties involved. It's why "progressive" cities and states are so surprised when moving vans continue to load up in their cities for a better life in 'burbs.

It's also why they cannot conceive that a tax cut often means more money for them to spend than a tax increase.

So when my "progressive" friend loves to tell me that conservatives like status quo, I'd like to offer this. Conservatives govern using science, namely the principles learned in Psychology 101, Sociology 101 and Econ 101, or the common sense that comes from living life and truly seeing people operate.


The Squeaky Wheel said...

This is great! Thanks for, yet another, great post

Libertarian Jason said...

While I agree with your assessment of progressives, I might argue that conservatives are equally prone to irrational, unscientific government... But your point was taken. Good post.

The Squeaky Wheel said...

You mean like creating an atmosphere around a theory, unproven one, of Global warming to the point where any scientist that even QUESTIONS the science is black listed and shunned?

Oh wait, no that is liberals.

I mean, why not use FEEELINGS over science :-)