Thursday, June 10, 2010

Alvin Greene


Anonymous said...

That was painful to watch. I just learned that I am a racist after learning more about this guy--he graduated with a BA in Political Science, was involuntarily discharged from the military, is on unemployment, and is using a public defender when he paid $10k to file to run for Senate. He doesn't even know what TARP is according to wikipedia:

When asked how he would have voted on TARP, Greene stated that he did not know what TARP was. Greene favors measures to lower the price of gas and supports offshore drilling. He supports diplomacy to promote a united Korea under a democratic system of government.[8] He would let the Bush tax cuts expire and supports reform of the financial industry. Greene supports job creation and would increase highway construction projects and pursue alternative energy sources. He has also called for better school facilities and pay raises for teachers.[5]

I want my pony!

Anonymous said...

Another great YouTube video:

From the comments:

I know that guy, I served with him in the army before he got kicked out in the 1st Infantry division Ft Riley 1-5 Field Artillery battalion. He got kicked out for pretending to be physically handicap and refusing to do any work

Shakes The Clown said...

Just got an idea for another "Life in Progress State" post for California...

And they will be bankrupt to boot within two years max without a federal bailout.


I demand a "Life In Progress State" update!