Friday, June 11, 2010

Life in "Progress" State - California edition

You demand, I supply (that makes me the neighbor meth dealer out here in Redville). A request for this link to the current state of affairs in California

Remember the good old days, when people on the coasts made fun the educational status of people in Mississippi? What is that they say about people in glass houses?

  • In 1970, California had the 7th most educated work force of the 50 states in terms of the share of its workers who had completed high school. By 2008 it ranked 50th, making it the least educated state. (Table 1a)

  • Education in California has declined relative to other states. The percentage of Californians who have completed high school has increased since 1970; however, all other states made much more progress in improving their education levels; as a result, California has fallen behind the rest of the country. (Table 1b)

  • The large relative decline in education in California is a direct result of immigration. Without immigrants, the share of California’s labor force that has completed high school would be above the national average.

  • There is no indication that California will soon close the educational gap. California ranks 35th in terms of the share of its 19-year-olds who have completed high school. Moreover, one-third (91,000) of the adult immigrants who arrived in the state in 2007 and 2008 had not completed high school.2

  • In 1970 California was right at the national average in terms of income inequality, ranking 25th in the nation. By 2008, it was the 6th most unequal state in the country based on the commonly used Gini coefficient, which measures how evenly income is distributed. (Tables 2a and 2b)

  • California’s income distribution in 2008 was more unequal than was Mississippi’s in 1970. (Tables 2a and 2b)

Creating illiteracy in one of the most resourceful states in the country?

Now that's "progressive"!

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Becbeq said...

So in the 70s, California was a good place to have your children in school. In 2008, we fled California specifically because the education offered to our children was so dismally bad.