Monday, July 07, 2008

Iraq's Yellowcake

But them democrats told us they didn't have yellowcake....
Here's a story you may have missed over the long holiday weekend: 550 metric tons of yellowcake uranium worth tens of millions of dollars were shipped out of Iraq to Canada. The material was transported in 37 military flights in 3,500 secure barrels, according to the Associated Press.

That just continues the democrat's streak of being on the wrong side of history 100% of the time.


Joseph said...

How exactly were the Dems wrong on this?

Iraq has had this stuff since the 80's and they never built any nuclear weapons.

gordon gekko said...

In typical democratic form, you walk away from all the liberal claims from just five years ago.

"Oh no, they never had nuclear capabilities."

"Joe Wilson claims they never tried to acquire yellowcake."

"There were never WMD's in Iraq"

etc etc etc

Just google Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame's names and you'll get the whole sordid mess of lies from democrats on the Iraqi's attempt to develop WMD's.

Of course they've had nuclear capabilities. The Israeli's bombed the shit out of they're nuclear processing sites in the 1980's.

But democrats just buried their heads in the sand to pretend none of this was ever a threat and a reason to make a preemptive strike.

But outside of all that, I guess the democrats might have been right.

Ben said...

Joe Wilson was never qualified to go to Africa in the first place.

gordon gekko said...

Actually Joseph is making the point that the yellowcake was obtained prior to the Wilson-Plame non scandal but that just makes the case for the invasion in the first place. Plus he conveniently ignores all the other WMD ingredients brought in to Canada.

The Sarcastic Cynic said...

Last year in an interview Karl Rove said his tactics work because the Republican base "has a short memory" and they "don't pay attention to the news". Taxman's blog post and comments prove that out.

This is not a new story. The American thinker (a conservative blog) wrote about this old yellow cake back in 2005.

Taxman is simply wrong about the Dems. They said that Iraq did not try to get uranium from Niger and on that point the Dems are 100% right. The niger papers were forgeries, but that didn't stop Bush from trying to use them to sell the invasion of Iraq.

gordon gekko said...

Actually, Joe Wilson's own congressional testimony declared the Iraq's intent to purchase yellow cake.

But you and your democratic operatives miss the point. THEY HAD YELLOWCAKE!!!!!!

The fact that they had with an intent to use it for weapons, backs up the Bush's claims all along.

They didn't need Joe Wilson.