Thursday, July 10, 2008

T. Boone Pickens

How is it that we can't get people like Pickens to run for elected office?

The brilliance is in his simplicity.


Porkopolis said...

For Pickens, somethings come at too high a price.

Ben said...

Probably because he is a billionaire who would rather keep making tons of money. Cant say I blame him.

Anonymous said...

I heard his radio ad yesterday about how drilling for oil was bad but wind power was the solution to our problems. Simplicity indeed.


Anonymous said...

If it makes money, wind will not need to be mandated like enthanol has been mandated. It will happen automatially in the free market. Based on T is saying, and increased gas prices, it will soon be profitable.

But if it starts making money, guess who will form the first line of resistance. You guessed it. The Democrat Party.

gordon gekko said...

As Reagan would say

If it it moves, regulate it.
If it keeps moving, tax it.
If it quits moving, subsidize it.