Friday, July 11, 2008

The Obamamania Judgment

We've been told repeatedly about the "judgment" of The Messiah. But how good is that judgment?
As a state senator, Barack Obama gave $100,000 in state money to a campaign volunteer who failed to deliver on a plan to create a botanic garden in one of Chicago's most blighted neighborhoods.

Obama -- who was running for Congress when he announced the project in 2000 -- said the green space in Englewood would build ''a sense of neighborhood pride."

Instead, what was supposed to be a six-block stretch of trees and paths is now a field of unfulfilled dreams, strewn with weeds, garbage and broken pavement.

That's a nice little metaphor for what the country will look like once he imparts some more of his judgment on the nation.


Ben said...

I'd like to know what really happened to that money.

Anonymous said...

Ben, you read my mind.