Tuesday, July 08, 2008

More "progressive" projection

Another "progressive" out there is slamming me for my bigotry.

He's upset that I've chosen to place a doctored "work of art" by Shepard Fairey on my blog.
I can’t remember the last politician to inspire artists to make great art. Shepard Fairey’s posters of Barack Obama, which indeed are art, have taken on a life of their own. And one perversion of them from the right has been catching my eye lately, because it’s popping up all over wingnut blogs. This one.

It wasn’t long ago in America that a black man striking such a pose, in just the wrong place, however fake this one may be, would end up hung from a tree. Which is why it’s no wonder the Republican blogosphere has made this one of their favorite hit pieces. How dare a black man be smarter than us. How dare a black man get educated. How dare a black man run for president.

Let address this racist's issues one by one.

First, I'm giving Obamamania the same irreverent treatment that I gave The Billary, and John "Gee my Hair Smells Terrific" Edwards. If he would ever read this blog, he would also read lots of snob reference to one John Kerry. To do something different to Obamamania because of his race would be racist.

Second, I noticed that this ding dong failed to mention some of the other works by Mr. Fairey mentioned on this blog in March. Those of other Communist/ Marxist leaders Stalin, Lenin and Mao. The Snobama picture is total satire on the whole cult of personality profile of Mr. Fairey's work.

Third, snobbery is not confined to socio-economic status. In fact, being a "progressive" makes you a snob by definition. You don't know a damn thing about me, so you frame me as a racist. You don't know a damn thing about my business, yet you tell me how much to pay my employees. You don't know a damn thing about my neighbors business, yet you know how many sick days he should offer his employees. As Ronald Reagan would say, "liberals know so much, they just know so much about what isn't so."

Fourth, Obama is a snob. Now pass me the arugula.


tim russo said...

awww.....you no likey.....


gordon gekko said...

You are a derelict. I think you proved that to the other Ohio bloggers with your profane filled tirades that we each received via email.

In a battle of wits, you come unarmed.

Ben said...


gordon gekko said...


I should have. If I'd known that this was this douche bag's blog I would have ignored the whole thing completely.

This same moron has a post about how hard it is for him to get a job as a convicted sex offender. Being an asshole is probably more of his problem.

tim russo said...

take your bigoted imagery down. then you won't be acting like one! see how easy!

Anonymous said...

But if you would have put up a picture of a little boy or girl in a compromising position, timmy boy would have literally gushed over it....sick and disgusting, and this is a standardbearer on the blogosphere for the left....shows they are morally bankrupt.