Thursday, July 10, 2008

This is how a "progressive" defines "success"

Sens. Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) and Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) told Cybercast News Service on Tuesday that they would support raising taxes to pay the $36.3 trillion needed to pay for promised Medicare benefits over the next 75 years.

Sen. Kit Bond (R-Mo.), however, told Cybercast News Service that he thinks the level of health care provided to Americans through Medicare can be improved without raising taxes.

“We are going to have to pay for it, and there is no question that raising taxes is certainly one way,” Rockefeller said. “There is no way, if we continue on the current path, that we can pay for these services – and to prove that, they (Medicare services) are falling off rapidly on all fronts.”

Rockefeller continued by calling the Bush tax cuts an “obscenity” that benefits only the rich.

Bond, however, opposes a tax increase to pay for the projected shortfall in revenue to cover the people promised Medicare coverage, as detailed in the 2008 Medicare Trustees Report.

“I think we can provide better service without raising taxes,” he told Cybercast News Service.

Bond added that he thinks the Medicare program needs major renovation. “I think we need to reform the Medicare system,” he said. “It has worked well, but it will not work when we don’t have 16 people supporting each recipient. We need to make major changes.”

This is how it "works well"? That's like saying my budget is working well when I have $100,000 in credit card debt.

This makes the Enron scandal look like a pimple on an elephant's butt.


Brian said...

Where does it say in the US Constitution that the federal government is responsible for health care? Health care at the very least is a matter of the States.

But the writing is on the wall, as demonstrated by the socialists’ remarks. Unless this country wakes up to tyranny of socialism, our nation is going to be a replica of the dieing General Motors; bad management, complacent stock holders, and greedy unionists.

gordon gekko said...