Saturday, July 12, 2008

Who will she vote for? #20

Meet Joelle Fishman. Who is Ms. Fishman?

According to her tagline in the People's Weekly World, a communist publication, she "chairs the Communist Party USA Political Action Commission and is also chair of the Connecticut Communist Party."

So who will Ms Fishman vote for this fall? Let's just use her words.....

The choice is clear — stay with the Bush-McCain race to the bottom or come together and raise up the whole country with a landslide defeat of the Republican ultra-right.

Sounding like Grover Norquist, McCain speaks of never-ending war and shrinking government, privatizing services and cutting funds for human needs. In sharp contrast, Obama speaks of strengthening government to provide health care and jobs, address global warming and end the war in Iraq.

Obama’s program is not radical. Left and progressive voters will push for a stronger break from corporate control. This should not be cause for pulling back, but rather for greater involvement.

A landslide vote that is organized to stay in motion after the elections can challenge the demands that Wall Street and military interests will make on the new administration. Obama has shown he is ready to listen.

Big political shifts are under way. When Democracy Corps surveyed 45 congressional districts that voted Republican with big margins in 2004 and 2006, they found the majority of voters now plan to vote Democratic. Like the whole country, these voters are beleaguered by rising prices, rising death tolls in the war, rising unemployment and the inability of their state and local governments to maintain basic services due to federal budget cuts.

The big battles in Congress on war funding, Iran, children’s health care, extending unemployment benefits and immigration are connected to the elections. If the pressure is kept on, vulnerable Republicans and some conservative Democrats may be forced to change their votes or lose re-election.

But the business community has raised record sums and is also mobilizing with divisive messages against workers’ rights and civil rights.

During the primaries unions made different endorsements. The labor movement now has a pivotal role to unify and mobilize working families and their communities for November.

Thousands of grassroots union volunteers are already in motion as part of the largest-in-history labor mobilization, visiting co-workers to talk about the issues with the “McCain Revealed” program.

The Obama campaign, drawing upon the candidate’s community organizing experience, is also looking toward the grassroots. Unity for Change house parties across the country on June 28 will bring neighbors together for voter registration and getting out the vote.

Once again, I ask the question to all those Obamamaniacs. If Obama is no communist or marxist, why are so many supporting him? I don't remember all these people popping up when Kerry, Gore, or Clinton ran. There were no Che posters in the Biden, Richardson or Clinton campaign offices. What do these people believe that we should know?

There's going to be a new movie coming out this fall titled "Something about Obama".


Anonymous said...

Obama is the closest thing to thier ideals. Little by little they will chip away at the Evil Capitalist Empire until it is unrecognizable.

Ben said...

Yes, anon, he is the closest to their ideals.