Sunday, December 30, 2007

The NFL Network

I think the NFL should have reconsidered broadcasting it's telecast on standard networks last night.


Because people without the NFL network thought they were missing something and they were. A chance to watch the worst play by play announcer in NFL history.

Bryant Gumbel is sooooo bad it made me dream for the day when NBC did a game with no announcers.

How is brother, Greg, even in the same DNA pool?


Anthony said...

"Watch Toomer"

I'm still watching, Bryant.

He is absolutely the worst. The NFL Network shot itself in the foot last night by exposing their horrible product, including pre-game show, where Deion said "history is historic".

Thank God that ugliness is behind us - for now.

Anonymous said...

Quit beating on Deion. He was probably the guy that gave other pieces of wisdom like "Irony can be Ironic".