Friday, January 04, 2008

We'll be Blue soon enough

57% of all the moving van business in Ohio is to move people out of the state (HT interested participant). For you public education types, that means only 43% are moving in.

What can we derive from this demographic information?

1) Just like the move out of cities into suburbs, the people moving out of the state are the people who can afford to and when they move it's not just their person; it's their money, their jobs, their businesses, etc. etc. etc. Ever hear of multiplier effect?

2) We can expect tax increases to cover the lost revenue from those that move.

3) As a result of the tax increases, even more people will move out of the state.

4) Since most of the people that moved will be wealthy republicans, Ohio will become a no doubt Blue State like New York.

5) And the state will carry all of about 6 electoral votes.

6) Then we'll have some clown like Woody Harrelson doing one of those Jeff Bridges commercials (for Michigan) begging people to come back to Ohio.

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Joe C. said...

As we warned last year, the Dems and ORP are driving this bus downhill straight for MI/NJ status. Remember, however, that's what 60% of the electorate voted for, now they're going to get it - with no one to blame but themselves. Oh what might have been.