Saturday, January 05, 2008

The Clinton "Message"

Now we have the onslaught of Monday morning quarterbacking as it relates to the Iowa caucus.

While so much of this is piling on after the fact. You do have to question the wisdom of the Clinton camp's message of "If you want change, vote for me."

Excerpt from this article
"We can't have false hopes. We've got to have a person who can walk into that Oval office on day one and start doing the hard work that it takes to deliver change," she said.

How does anything about voting for Billary elicit feelings of change. I don't think a pattern of Bush/Clinton/Bush/Clinton promotes anything that resembles "change".

I believe the public is exhausted with Clinton/Bush fatigue. I would argue that Bush's election in 2000, was a result of total exhaustion with "The Clinton's" reality series. Bush is, in almost every character description, everything opposite Slick.

I have to give the voting public some credit. As much as they've rejected a third party leadership over the years, they've never been afraid to vote for someone "out there" ie Jesse Ventura. The fact is, a vote for Obama is less scary than the prospect of losing with Billary.

Hopefully, "The Clinton's" reality show is done. But hey, even NBC brought back the "American Gladiators".

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