Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Global Warming Challenge

This morning as I was freezing my ass off, I started thinking; "This sure doesn't feel like global warming".

So I thought, here's a chance to start the Global Warming Challenge. I'm going to assign a point if the day's high temperature exceeds the normal high for that day. In addition, I will assign a point if the day's low temperature exceeds the normal low and ties where applicable. No points for a tie.

For a bonus, I assign five points for a record on the "warm" or "cool" side.

For my source, I'll use the Weather Underground, who keeps a very good record of historical weather data here in the Cincinnati area.

The challenge? There are 732 points available (without bonus points), I'm willing to wager $20-$50 to some global warming believer that half the points will be on the "cold" side.

Look it's a 50-50 proposition, unless you believe in global warming, then it's a slam dunk.

Anyone willing to take me up on it? Of course if you are a liberal, I'm sure you'd be willing to if it was someone else's money. But what about your own?

For the record, I do start with a lead 2-0 from yesterday's figures.

I'll try to post the figures on a weekly basis.


Anonymous said...

The issue is not wether or not Global Warming is taking place. There is alot of evidence to say it is. The issue is wether or not it is being driven by man made CO2. The followers of the Gorecal want to trash our economy, and the world's, for junk science, and for something that is cyclical in nature. However, Gore is ready with his company that sells carbon offsets to help out in any event.

Anonymous said...

Global warming is simply another "problem", similar to poverty or public schools. Like every one of their issues, it happens to fit into liberal "solutions" (i.e. Higher taxes, bigger govt, more regulation, and a general degradation of human quality of life.) If it was global cooling there would still be the same solutions.

If ever there were an issue where the by leading by example has the most effect, it's this one. Al Gore's personal carbon emmisions are 50 times the average American. I only wish I were rich enough to follow his lead.

Dan Pangburn said...

Average global temperature stopped significant increase ten years ago. Global temperature history has been determined from Vostok, Antarctica ice core proxies with more recent data from thousands of instruments distributed over the planet. This history shows that the average global temperature and the recent rate-of-change of temperature are not unusual. Although, since the average global temperature went somewhat higher 400 years ago and a few other times during the current interglacial period, it could possibly go higher than it is now, the recent temperature profile suggests that the temperature increase stopped ten years ago as it usually has in the past at this temperature. There is substantial climate history data that refutes the theory that atmospheric carbon dioxide contributes to global warming and none that supports it. Thus the assertion that humans are causing global warming is a mistake. This is quickly shown with graphs that were constructed using government provided data (all website-referenced so they can be checked) from NOAA and others at

Liberty Card said...

How can I get someone to pay me for my tiny carbon footprint? Me and my gun totin', bible thumpin', Harley Ridin' bros think we should able to offset at least the Goracle's hot air.