Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A good start to the year

We didn't even get 12 hours into the new year, when we got our first homicide in the city of Cincinnati, a city run by "progressives". At least the thugs in the area want to get a running start so we can make sure that 2006 murder record is broken in '08.
Cincinnati Police were called to a fatal shooting at club Ocho Rios, located on 12th and Sycamore streets in Over The Rhine.

It happened around 1:30 Tuesday morning.

Police have confirmed that this is the first Cincinnati homicide of 2008.

You may know this area of town. I believe Kerry carried it 90-10 over Bush, so we know it's a verrrrry "progressive" area of town.

But seriously, if you are a resident of Cincinnati, is your life better off today than it was twenty years ago when the city was run by republicans and charterites?

But Gordon, that's easy for you to say, you're a white guy, the republicans cater to you guys.

Really? So life for young black men in this city has improved. Well, I guess if you call getting gunned down in a city street a life style improvement.

But maybe it's all the job opportunities that no longer exist because all the companies moved out to the suburbs.

I know; it's the great schools that crank out so many students with no opportunities to create a better life for themselves and their families.

I hate to keep harping on this, but we can see the what effects of long term liberal or "progressive" governance does for an area. Just look at every inner city, USA.

For the few progressives that read this blog, how do you defend this?

I thought "progressives" would be open minded enough to be able to see that every thing that they control and govern turns to a big pile of crap. Maybe that would cause all you open minded types to come up with a plan(s) that does work.

Is your hatred of conservatives so strong that you refuse to see that these "utopias" you attempted to create have turned into large cesspools of anarchy or don't you care?

Is power more important than effectiveness?

What is so damn "progressive" about 80 young black men being gunned down every year inside of the city? Remember those firing the bullets and those receiving them are not a treasure trove of republican voters. These communities are ones of their own making.

There are no republicans running DC, Detroit, Atlanta, New Orleans, Cleveland, etc. and the standard of living in those cities continues to go down faster than a Bill Clinton intern.

So what is it for you "progressive" types?

Do you want to do the same things for our country that you've done to our cities?

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Anonymous said...

Let's see, we have a black mayor, a black NFL coach, and a black Reds' coach and a big slave stareing at you when you drive downtown. Are the libs happy yet?