Friday, January 04, 2008

Everything fascist

An interesting piece on the use of the term "fascist" being vogue.

When Mr. Goldberg uses the term "liberal fascism," he is not offering a right-wing version of the left's smears. He knows it is a loaded term. What he is talking about is the historical idea of fascism: a corporatist and statist social structure that creates a deep reliance of its subjects on the government and engenders a sense of community and purpose. In American politics, this tendency toward statism has always been much more at home on the left than on the right.


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Brian said...

Interesting article.

The truth of the matter is that a fascist and a socialist and a communist are one and the same; with only a slight degree of separation between them. They are all statist collectivist and will restrict social and economic liberties through the centralization of government. It is impossible for any of these ideologies to be on the “right.” Obviously, a socialist is on the right of a communist, and a fascist on the right of a socialist, but it is impossible for say Blue Dog Democrat, or a conservative-republican to be a fascist, because a fascist is to the left of our democrat party. The closest party we have in the US would be the Green Party and the Socialist Workers Party of America (I think they are the Communist Workers Party of America). The only thing that prevents them from implementing any centralized form of government is the US Constitution.

But there are shades of corporate police socialism (fascism) and a European form of benevolent socialism in the US since the early 1900s and much of that ideology resides in the two major parties today. Ronald Reagan recognized in the Democrat Party of the 1950 and 60s for its leftward move, and left it for the GOP. Likewise before Russell Kirk died he wrote about the leftward march of the GOP induced by the take over of the neo-conservative movement.

Our two main parties have shifted from the right to the left and back again since the 1900s, however what is scary today, is that too many Americans from both parties, one, either don’t recognize socialism, or two, have come to accept it. Take for instance the Department of Education. There is nothing in the US Constitution calling for this department, yet under Jimmy Carter it was established, and has increasingly took control our local school systems. Yet Republicans today like Bush the Younger work to increase the power of the Department of Education.

It should also be pointed out that any leftward march will come as a result of greater “democracy” over “republicanism.” The first major step toward this was the enacting of the 16th and17th Amendments to the US Constitution. These measures take the power away from an elected body and place it directly into the hands of the ignorant masses. The last step for the removal of republicanism is the ending of the Electoral College. Then there will be no check to stop a lunatic from taking the oath of President.

I might add that this lead the way for Roosevelt’s New Deal and Johnson “Great Society,” and the Keynesian economic measures Nixon, Ford, and Carter took in the 1970s. But I would point out that the Federal government as a result of 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina is moving this country LEFT, not RIGHT. Additionally with the citizens’ labor earnings squarely controlled by Congress resulting from the 16th Amendment, and the consolidation of power in the new oligarchy of the US Senate, resulting from the 17th Amendment, a non-governmental nebulas body called the Federal Reserve, which I will say again is not a federal government entity, was created and controls all of our banking and the printing of money outside the US Constitution. Where is there any place in the US Constitution calling for this; none.

Folks need to wake up. You might not like Ron Paul, but by God folks had better start reading their American history and listening to his message. Because sadly, there is no one other than Ron Paul talking about the tyrannical growth of the central government and the leftward march this country is taking; no one.