Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hey Obama here's an idea

Apparently, our president is having trouble coming up with provocative ideas to stimulate employment in this country.


This is really a must read piece.......The real danger is not starving families with low wages, but locking them out of the economy altogether. If the minimum wage gets too high, there is no way for low-skilled workers to take their first step into the work force. What’s worse, there are many government regulations that are tending to compound the effect of the minimum wage, raising the price of hiring workers. Obamacare, for example, will effectively raise the minimum wage by adding an expensive minimum benefits package every worker must be given. Hiring inexperienced teens has become a risky, regulated, expensive proposition — as a result, the teenage unemployment rate in this country recently hit an all-time high of 27.6%! My teenage son would gladly work for $5, or even $3, or even for free in the right job that could teach him skills and help him establish a resume of reliability. Unfortunately, that’s impossible today.

This is why I say that for many people, low wage jobs are the first rung on the ladder to success and prosperity. Raising the minimum wage is putting the first rung of the ladder out of reach of many low-skilled Americans.

Is it just a coincidence that unemployment shot up right when the federal minimum wage law kicked in?



Anonymous said...

I know. Let's put every possible policy in place to enable mexican workers to illegally cross the boarder and work a $30 an hour union job under the table for $5.00 an hour. You know as a conservative I'm getting pretty tired of pointing out democrat policies that screw democrat voters.

gordon gekko said...

It's why I say I'm not a conservative for me but for our underclass.

It is pretty ridiculous that we conservatives have to save democrats from themselves.

Anonymous said...

Obamanomics (stimulus, bailouts, min wage, immigration) helps two groups: the well connected establishment and those on the economy's second rung. The middle class and those on the very bottom, trying to climb onto the bottom rung. So much for the little guy.