Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Life in "Progress" City - New York edition

I think abortion is mentioned in the song New York, New York

If you can't
get one there
You can't
get one anywhere.........

Congratulations, New York City, did you hear the news? Fire-and-brimstone predictions from across the country have been confirmed. This is officially the abortion capital of America. A health department report released last month proves it: about 40 percent of all pregnancies in the city end that way, an average of about 90,000 a year in recent years.

No one is exactly celebrating the title. Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan and a group of multidenominationally horrified clergy condemned the statistics this month. Even abortion rights advocates expressed some concern about the numbers, trying to change the conversation to a broader one on reproductive health. As for ordinary citizens, many just wondered: Really? That many?

Abortion is complicated, even in its capital city. Perhaps especially so: New Yorkers seeking to terminate a pregnancy can choose from more kinds of procedures at more kinds of facilities with fewer obstacles — and more ways to pay — than just about any place else. Women can get abortions in private doctors’ offices, at public hospitals or at clinics, some of which do not require an appointment.

What I find hilarious are the Planned Parenthood types who want to claim that abortion is the only alternative in areas where birth control options are limited or the women are not educated as to available birth control options.


Are you telling me that a woman in New York has less knowledge or access to condoms and/or other birth control than say a woman in Cleveland, TN or Philadelphia, MS or Baltimore, OH?

But hey why am I complaining, it's just fewer democrats we have to deal with. Right?


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