Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Miami University continues its ethnic cleansing

Miami University in Ohio will no longer allow its Indian-head logo to be used on merchandise sold on or off campus, university officials said last week.

Miami has told merchandising companies the logo will no longer be available for reproduction after the current supply of merchandise is sold.

University trustees voted in 1996 to stop using the name Redskins as its athletic nickname, citing respect for the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma. The school adopted the current RedHawks nickname in 1997, but allowed limited use of a logo incorporating an Indian head and the beveled letter “M” on some apparel and in some athletic areas as a “heritage mark” related to the school’s history.

Respect for the tribe and a need to move toward more RedHawks traditions were reasons for the decision to stop using the logo, university officials said.

“It’s time to move on,” said Paul Allen, Miami’s director of business services.

Maybe I've got it all wrong. See, when the Kosovars, the Croatians and Serbs are eliminating references to other cultures we call it ethnic cleansing, when we do it in this country, we call it sensitivity.

By the way, when is Miami dropping the name itself. Afterall, we don't name Universities after the twelve tribes of Israel or the various African tribes. Isn't that a little racially insensitive?


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