Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stuff liberals run - The USPS

Last week, I sent an assistant over to the post office to purchase postage.

Now I prefer stamps to meters because 1) it looks more professional 2) people are less inclined to think it's junk mail 3) I hate paying or Pitney Bowes $25.00 a month for a service that shouldn't cost me anything.

None the less, when my assistant came back she informed me that they were out of rolls of first class stamps and $.78 stamps (which is the three ounce postage).

This has been the third time in two months they have been out of rolls of first class stamps.

How can you be out of inventory for something that doesn't cost you anything?

Seriously, we're not talking about a grocery store being out of a perishable item, like milk or bread, where you're always trying to balance waste with available inventory. It costs the postal service nothing to have their inventory on hand.

I'm still a snail mail guy for a lot of things, like customer letters and bills. But if we can't even get the postage to even use the snail mail, then I need to move to plan B.

And I'll have to read the comments from the postal inspector about how people keep moving away from traditional mail.

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Anonymous said...

I can see it in the boardroom at the USPS:

"Gentlemen, demand for our service is going down. Costs are going up. We are slower, ruder, and more poorly managed than the competition. We are losing billions of dollars a year. i believe we have one course of action. We have no choice but to raise postage rates."