Monday, January 24, 2011

Megin...... meet "Peach"

Last week, I did a post on one Megin Gray who was charged with second degree criminal abuse after her baby burned to death while she was strung out on Xanax, Percoset and booze.

The whole thing sickens me and it reminds me of a story I recently told The Lovely Mrs. Gekko about a douchebag I once knew named "Peach" (I don't think I ever knew his real name).

"Peach" was the brother in law of my best friend at the time. "Peach" didn't work because he was "disabled". For some reason, he wasn't physically able to get a job but always seemed healthy enough to sell hot video tapes, lawn mowers, etc. In today's world, he probably be out there selling hot copper tubing ripped out of some abandoned house.

But to me "Peach" was still cool because he smoked a lot of dope and was willing to share it with me. In addition, "Peach" was quick with his criticism of "the man" who was holding down people from their aspirations in life.

I guess it never occurred to me that "the man" "Peach" was always critical of, saw fit to hand him a check to be a total douchebag. I'll always remember Terry and I going into his kitchen lokking for munchies and not finding one thing in their kitchen to eat. See, "Peach" always had money for dope but food for his kids I guess was optional.

In any event, "Peach" and his family were total welfare hacks. They received food stamps, ADC, his disability and free lunches for his kids. In today's world, they'd also be receiving subsidized housing and disability for their kids who they (along with the school's cooperation) would have diagnosed with ADD or some other learning disorder.

One day, my friend Terry and I were smoking dope with good old "Peach" and he starting acting weird. After a couple of bowls he whipped out a gun and started waving it around.

That was our cue to get the hell out of there. Later that day, we found out that "Peach" shot Terry's other brother in law in the head, killing him.

The point of this story is four fold.

First, that bit about idle hands being the tools of the devil is totally true. I've never met a damn person who accomplished crap when they were given money just to exist.

Second, drugs are an epidemic in our lower classes and welfare does nothing but enable the consumption of those drugs. Why do we continue to turn a blind eye to the child abuse going on in these homes when a simple drug test would solve many of those problems? Six years ago, I took a second job with a grocery store chain and they drug tested me as a condition of employment (to stock bologna for crying out loud). It doesn't seem to me to be a stringent criteria for someone who has their hand out to remain clean; especially when children are involved.

Third, guys like "Peach" are like magnets in society. While they're smoking their weed and taking Xanax, they've got plenty of time to teach others how to scam the system. In addition, it drains the working stiffs of their desire to do the right thing. Seriously, why work your ass off just for the privilege of supporting an asshole like "Peach". If you wonder why the Tea Partiers are so popular, it's a culmination of lots of people who know a "Peach" and are tired of supporting that bullshit and being a conspirator to the death of a child who's only sin was being born to a lowlife drug addict.

Finally, I'm guessing that "Peach" is dead by now. If he isn't, I'm sure that he is still a lowlife pile of dung. In addition, I'm sure his legacy of being that lowlife pile of dung has been well passed down to his children and their children. Just like Megin Gray's kids.

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