Friday, January 28, 2011

It's already started

Yesterday, I had my first interaction with a ding bat who somehow felt like it was unfair for her to get Earned Income Credit when she had no earned income.

Here's a sample of the conversation.

Her I just had my taxes done at HR Block and they're telling me I can't claim him (pointing at her son) on my taxes?

Me I don't think it's a matter of not being able to claim him I just don't think it matters for you one way or another.

Her Well I had $8000 in unemployment income and all I get back is what they took out?

Me In order to claim Earned Income Credit, you need earned income. That means income from a job.

Her But I still don't get anything for him (again pointing at her son)?

Me In general, you can't get a refund for more than you paid in withholdings. Earned Income Credit and the Child Credit are the exceptions but, once again, you need earned income to qualify. If, instead of that unemployment income, your income came from a job. You would get about $4,000 in refundable credits.

Her I don't think it's fair that I don't get anything for him (once again giving me that motherly love pointing at her son who's name is apparently "Him")?

So once again, we have yet another derelict in this world who believes she's getting screwed because she's not getting something one of her skank friends is getting.

This is the class warfare that is being perpetuating in our society as a result of the tax code. If you wonder where the anger from tea partiers is coming from it's the people who did all the right things and have to pay to subsidize these idiots who go from one bad mistake to another, subsidized all the way.

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Becbeq said...

Thank you, thank you for ensuring, once again, that I don't get maudlin about not working tax season. But, I think she felt it was unfair for her NOT to get Earned Income Credit.

By the end of the 1st week in February I was secretly harboring a desire to slap people like this...