Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Stupidity is contagious

Do these people think we're so stupid that we don't remember the days that plastic bags were introduced because paper bags were considered an environmental hazard.............

How do you feel about being charged ten cents for every plastic bag you use at the grocery store? That kind of legislation is on the table right now in Indiana.

Representative Shelli VanDenburgh introduced this bill to the general assembly.

She is proposing that all retail merchants who offer disposable plastic bags charge each customer a 10 cent fee.

The bill also said if the store charges the 10 cents, it must have re-usable bags available for sale.

Twenty-five percent of the money collected would go to the Indiana Economic Development Corporation for the Green Industries Fund.

The remaining 75 percent would go to the Department of Education.

Ohhhhhhhh, but hey, it's for the children so it can't be moronic.............


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