Sunday, January 23, 2011

How an idiot creates jobs

This what you get when you elect someone who's never run a damn thing in his life....

Three days before Christmas, President Obama gathered his economic team in the West Wing’s Roosevelt Room to review themes for his State of the Union address. The edge-of-the-cliff crisis he inherited had passed, but with more than 14 million Americans still out of work, he was looking for bold ways to bring down unemployment. The ideas presented to him, though, seemed familiar and uninspired. “You know, guys,” he said, according to someone in the room, “I’ve told you before, I want you to come to me with ideas that excite me.” Nothing he was hearing excited him.

That's because people who create jobs aren't exciting, they're just profit seekers and those seeking profits create jobs as a by product of their efforts.

The dirty little secret the Obamunists never got in ivy league skools is that governments cannot create anything; they never have and never will. All governments can do is destroy the will of the people. Something this administration has been wildly successful doing. The fact that this dip shit still hasn't figured it out in two years of on the job training speaks to his idiocy.

Can we get that dumb ass George Bush back?


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