Sunday, January 23, 2011

There's really no change

I don't like to comment on certain broadcast persoanlities who I think are humongous douches and I don't want to mention the name of one who was recently let go by his violence inflaming network. That's precisely the kind of promoting he would want.

But keep in mind conservatives. This network let go a goof ball who will spend the next couple of years balled up in a corner of his NY apratment with his hairless cat but replaced said goof ball with another.

It's really nothing to gloat about.

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Anonymous said...

Libs see the whole world as zero sum. Every lib you talk to is convinced that the third world food shortage is because krogers grocery shelves are stocked. Or if a French worker takes an hour of overtime it will reduce demand for other worker's hour.

If you see the world as a zero sum game, you will see arbitration the solution to every problem.